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This demo was shown off at Youmacon on November 3rd-5th.

Team up as a ragtag cast of unique, elemental spellslingers, and combine your magic to lay waste to your enemies in this chaotically cute dungeon crawler.

This demo is meant for 2-4 players, though it can be played solo it IS NOT the intended experience

This is a pre alpha demo, but if you have any feedback feel free to let us know!

For recent updates, check out our twitter here: https://twitter.com/cuppagames or our youtube for our most recent dev logs: https://www.youtube.com/c/Shafournee


Chromaticasters Youmacon 2023.zip 162 MB

Install instructions

To play, download and extract the zip file, and run Chromaticasters.exe


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Even though I have no friends to play with, this game is really good!

I played this with a friend from my country and it ran really well, loved the gameplay and it was really fun but when i tried to invite a pal from a more far out country, it didnt want to load when we tried to start the round for so long that the pal just gave up. I understand that the game is in pre alpha so thats prob why but its kinda a bummer, really liked the game i have no complants about the gameplay.

Thanks for checking it out!

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with your second friend! We’ll have to take a look at what might have went wrong.

Although it’s disappointing, we’re working hard to ensure you’ll be able to play with your friends, despite the distance between each other! If you’re able to provide a few more specifics, like where in the game the issue occurred, and where you and your friend are geographically, shoot us an email at contact@cuppagames.com and we can take a closer look!


sorry it took so long to comment i frogor, i tried playing with the pal that lives very far away and it worked really well today so it might have been a fluke before, sorry for two months of not saying anything and thank you for responding

I just played the game alone and still loved it! Gameplay feels smooth and satisfying despite not having all the animations and details done. Can't wait until you release the next version XD It's been so long since you uploaded a devlog on youtube, maybe consider releasing shorter and not overly edited ones more frequently?

Thank you so much! It really means a lot. We have a new devlog script written up as of like 2 weeks ago, but we just haven't found the time to record it, but it will be up soon I swear!!! We totally agree with you, though. We were biting off more than we could chew with the in depth dev logs alongside trying to develop the game, and we'd rather have more consistent updates. Thanks again for playing, and being interested in the development, Ether. :) 

Glad to hear that!! I'm excited to follow your future devlogs and updates. As a beginner game developer with mostly game jam submissions, I really want to take game dev more seriously. Projects like yours, which is similar to the type of games I enjoy playing and creating, inspire me sooo much :) So keep it up!!!

Had a great time at the convention! are you going to be updating this version as well?

Thanks so much! Not sure what the current plan is for itch builds, but I'll discuss with the rest of the team and if there's interest in updates here we'd definitely consider posting them as we work on the game!